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It all started with encounters

Trone is before anything else the result of different encounters and the result of hand-crafted french savoir-faire. The encounter withLionel H and Magdalena who are supervising the talents of FabienJean-Claude and Pascal, is at the origin of our colorful ceramic. The encounter with Lionel T, who carries on the family business in his cabinet-making in Arras where he works the wood as an artist. The encounter with Frederic, whose knowledge of metal and whose precision tools allow us to machine items with minimal manufacturing tolerance. Or the encounter with Emilie, Antonio, Bertrand… Whose savoir-faire are the foundation of our creations.

princess ceramic

Ceramic is an ancient art, and working ceramics requires a rare savoir-faire.The ceramic slip (the mix in the beginning) is first cast in a plaster mold then dried for about two weeks depending on the season. In the meantime, the enamels are grinded and mixed, which will give its color. Once the drying process is finished, the enamelling is placed on the raw part. It is then going to be baked at 1270°C for 24h. It will give our ceramic its translucidity, its sonority and its sturdiness.


the warmth of wood

Our toilet seats are made of ash wood, taken from environmentally responsible forests. We chose this material for the warmth conveyed by wood when seated and for the small environmental impact it has contrary to plastic. Sculpted in massive wood, they preserve their authentic grain in addition to having a unique shape. Afterwards, they are varnished giving them their color, and ensuring robustness and resistance to daily agressions caused by cleaning products.


the precision of metal

In order to underline the purity of our reservoir while ensuring a sturdiness and an optimal quality, our lids are machined in aluminum. In order to be enhanced, the lids are spinned, machined and then engraved. One last surface treatment, through anodizing, gives them a final aspect and a reliable protection when facing impacts and cleaning products.


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