A memorable experience,
where your customers least expect it

Not just a small detail

Nothing is left to chance. With Trone, design goes all the way to the toilet, making it the centerpiece of your establishment, and a guarantee of quality. You will provide a unique experience for your customers they will talk about for a long time.



a one of a kind room

Colors that were never seen before, an unconventional shape, a playful water reservoir. Icone01 is a whole experience.



surprise with a 2 meter square

The experience of the customer has to be perfect from the plate to the toilet. That is why Trone entirely redefines the cabin. The original looking 2 meter square won’t leave anyone indifferent.


The 2m² most instagrammed

Take the leap together

You want to equip your place with Trone? Contact us, we will be happy to answer you.

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