• Made in France
• Low water consumption: 3L & 6L
• From 2 350€ (taxes included)
• Delivery : 8 weeks
• You are a professional? Let us know
• A question? +33 1 76 36 17 12
• Made in France
• Low water consumption: 3L & 6L
• From 2 350€ (taxes included)
• Delivery : 8 weeks
• You are a professional? Let us know
• A question? +33 1 76 36 17 12

Let’s be transparent

We have nothing to hide. On the contrary ! Our toilets are 100% made in France. Our ceramics are enamelled in Desvres. Our wood is dyed in Arras. The reservoir is cut out one hour East from Paris. Our aluminium pieces are anodized one hour West from Paris. We are very proud of this short circuit.


less is better

3 L or 6 L.
These are two key figures to preserve the environment and ensure an optimal cleaning.

design toilets rimless

Functioning is not an option

There are no bacterias, no limescale deposits. Our modern toilets are rim free. ICONE01 ensures an optimal and hygienic cleaning thanks to a thorough work on fluid dynamics.

seat design toilets

the comfort provided by wood

The toilet seats are made of ash wood which offers resistance and thermal comfort.


made to shine

All the metal pieces of our modern toilets are made in brushed and enamelled aluminum which makes them resistant to water, to time and to cleaning products.

Technical information

  • Volume of the toilet flush : 3L / 6L
  • Water discharge : horizontal or vertical
  • Total weigh : 41kg
  • Warranty : 2 years
  • Rimless bowl
  • Conform with disabled norms / person with reduced mobility norms


What is our delivery time?

What countries do we deliver to?

Where are we distributed? Where can you try the Trone design toilets?

Do our toilets comfortable?

Do our toilet bowls rimless?

Do our toilets compliant with disabled standards (PMR)?

Do we have special offers or sales?

What is your return policy?

What materials are our toilet bowls made of ?

Do the ceramic of our toilet bowls resistant?

Do we have a toilet lid on Icone01?

Why is the reservoir transparent?

Is our water tank resistant?

Can lamescale deposits build up inside the reservoir over time?

What is the use of the electrical connection?

Is the installation difficult?

Is Icone01 toilet bowl wall-hung?

How long is the warranty period for the Icone01?

Does Callipyge install like any other wall-hung toilets?

Can I replace my current wall-hung toilet with Callipyge?

Does Callipyge compliant with any support frame of the market?

Does Callipyge provide with a support frame?

Does a Trone support frame exist?

Does Callipyge provide with a flush plate?

Does a Trone flush plate exist?

How much water do we use with Callipyge?

What materials are our seats and lids made of?

Do we have a soft-closing mechanism on our toilet seats and lids?

Does Callipyge easy to clean?

Where are our Callipyge toilets made?

What materials are our hinges made of?

Does Callipyge compliant with areas open to the public?

Does Callipyge compliant with intense usage, such as in areas open to the public?

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